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Section A.R.I. Caserta organizes the 17th edition of the
  Diploma Royal Palace of Caserta

Participation is open to OM, SWL around the world including the names of the Italian section IQxxx.
From 00.00 UTC on 20 September 2017 at 24.00 UTC on 30 September 2017.
The bands will be used exclusively in HF - 3.5 and 7.0 Mhz.
The modes used will be SSB, CW and digital modes, in according to the Band Plan.
Are valid for the QSO made with the stations belonging to Section A.R.I. Caserta (see the members).
The same station, including Jolly stations, the name of section and the special station, can also be connected more times in the same day, as they have to be in band and/or in a different way, respecting a minimum interval of one hour.
The stations belonging to Section A.R.I. Caserta, will pass thought (send): RST + progressive number + UTC time.
1 point for each QSO, and 3 points connecting the Jolly station.
5 points for each connection with IQ8DO name (Section of Caserta) active only on the 23 and 24 of September 2017.
5 points for each connection with the special station IR8PR only active on the day of 24 September 2017.
The IQ8DO and IR8PR names will not pass progressive numbers. The total score will be the results of the points.
It will be released, on request, all of those who have scored at least the following points:
OM SWL YL and Italian sections 30 points
OM SWL YL and European clubs 10 points
OM SWL YL and extra European club 05 points
The cost of the Certificate is € 15.00 (fifteen Euros / 00)
Cup for 1st 2nd 3rd OM Italian
Cup for 1st ranked OM foreign
Cup for 1st classified YL (Italian or foreign)
Cup for 1st classified SWL
Cup for 1st place with a name of section IQxxx
Plates for 1st 2nd 3rd OM Section A.R.I. Caserta
The logs appropriately filed in by date, time, band, mode and progressive number, together with a QSL card with the applicant's address and e-mail address (useful to communicate the exact date of award), which be received by 20th December 2017 . The logs can be sent via e-mail to the Award in electronic format manager (ADIF - Cabrillo - Doc) or paper.
Requests should be addressed to the Award Manager Fabio Carcaterra IU8DAR - Via Sandro Pertini 36, 81020 San Nicola la Strada (CE) Italy, phone no. 3475307575, e-mail - Payments can be made by PostePay No. 5333171020679904 or bank transfer IBAN number IT06Z0760105138257846457851 to the Secretary Carmine Silvestri IW8EAS. Please attach the log copy of the receipt.
Award ceremony:
The awarding of the Certificate will probably take place in April or May 2018. The Awards not collected during the award ceremony, on request of the interested parties, can be sent to them according the pay the cost fee for the expedition.
Information and/or clarifications can be obtained from the President or the Secretary of the Section A.R.I. Caserta: Mr. Carmine Silvestri IW8EAS, phone no. 3398686315, e-mail -

Good Luck

Associazione Radioamatori Italiani
Sezione di Caserta 2015